A 21-year-old man has admitted charges involving the importation and possession of nearly 100 banned weapons.

Police seized a number of items from Parwinder Baning's home in Kitchener Road in Leicester last December.

They included a 100,000 volt stun gun, which is twice the normal voltage of a police taser of 50,000 volts, knuckle dusters, pepper spray and push daggers.

Thirty-seven knives were also found at the 21-year-old's house, including hunting knives, martial arts knives and throwing knives, and although these are not illegal unless carried in public, police say all weapons have been confiscated and will be destroyed.

Officers were so concerned over the size of the first haul, further international inquiries found Baning had more weapons on order, which were due to be delivered after the first raid. A second search of the address was completed in February this year.

The weapons included an 100,000 volt stun gun, which is twice as powerful as a standard issue police taser. Credit: Leicestershire Police

In total Leicestershire Police identified Baning had ordered or possessed 92 weapons.

Evidence was also discovered relating to the orders of three concealable stun guns. These were either never dispatched or were intercepted but were advertised as being around a million volts.

21-year-old Parwinder Baning admitted charges against him at Leicester Crown Court Credit: Leicestershire Police

Detective Inspector Martin Smalley who led the enquiry said:

“This was clearly a significant haul of weapons, and I can only speculate on why Baning was collecting it. In the wrong hands it could have resulted in significant injuries.

Similar charges against an 18-year-old woman were dropped at today’s hearing at Leicester Crown Court.

The charges were:

  • possession of a bladed article

  • 3x importation of knuckledusters

  • importation of an extendable baton

  • importation of a pepper spray

  • purchase of a stun gun

  • purchase of a concealable stun gun

  • 2 x purchase of a concealable stun gun

Police are concerned a number of weapons ordered by Baning have not been found Credit: Leicestershire Police

Police are now concerned there could be a number of weapons which Baning ordered but were not found by their searches. They believe they could have been intercepted by others after the first raid in December.

They are now appealing for anyone who has information about where these weapons are to contact Leicestershire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

After Parwinder Baning admitted the charges against him at Leicester Crown Court today, he is now due to be sentenced on June 13.