Teacher moral at an "all-time low" say Union

Hundreds of teachers at the NASUWT conference in Birmingham Credit: ITV News Central

One of the country's biggest teaching unions, the NASUWT, has begun its annual conference in Birmingham, accusing the Government of a "relentless assault" on their profession.

900 delegates from around the country will debate a range of issues over the Easter weekend at the International Conference Centre.**


It comes against the backdrop of a long-running and bitter dispute between teachers and the Government over pension reforms, the introduction of performance-related pay and increasing workload.

Chris Keates, NASUWT General Secretary, says morale among members is at an "all-time low" and can't rule out further strike action in the future.

The Department for Education says there are more top graduates entering the teaching profession than ever before and insists its reforms will give teachers more freedom and allow heads to reward their most effective performers in the classroom.