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Fireworks amnesty for football fans at Sixfields

Stock photo of flares being thrown onto a football pitch Photo: PA

Northants Police are installing amnesty bins for football fans to surrender fireworks & flares they illegally bring to the Sixfields stadium.

It's part of a campaign by the force to warn football fans aout the dangers of taking 'pyros' into games, which include smoke grenades, flares & fireworks.

A general view of Sixfields Stadium Credit: PA

It follows a growing trend for pyros being let off at games across the country, with fans thinking it creates an atmosphere or buzz around the ground.

However police are keen to urge people it's a criminal offence to try to enter a stadium in possession of such devices.

PC Nick Price from Northamptonshire Police said:

"Although we've only had a few incidents at Sixfields, we want to prevent more from happening.

"We need people to understand the potential dangers and also realise possession and use of 'pyros' in a public place is a serious criminal offence that could even result in a prison sentence.

Amnesty bins will be in place for Northampton Town's games on April 21 and May 3, and Coventry City game on April 26.