Birmingham takeaway delivers to Africa

Chef Mofur Miah prepares to take the order by helicopter and plane to troops on the Sudanese border. Credit: BPM MEDIA

An Indian takeaway in Sutton Coldfield is making the longest delivery of all time, taking curry to UN troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Amina Restaurant normally has a ban on deliveries of more than three miles, but chef Mofur Miah said he was happy to make the exception in this case.

Costing £2,000, the order looked like this;

  • 10 chicken Dansaks

  • 10 chicken Patias

  • 40 fish cutlets

  • 20 Bombay Aloos

  • 100 popadoms

  • 10 onion bhajis

  • 20 puree breads

  • 20 Tandoori chicken starters.

The order came after Professor Kenan Bakh, who is working UN peacekeepers, read that Mofur had prepared a special order for Holywood A-lister Tom Cruise.

The food will be taken to Heathrow by helicopter before being freeze-dried and flown to the remote city of Bunia.