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Cervical cancer awareness night to be held in memory of Jess Evans

Jessica left a young son Riley who is now being brought up by his Dad Jamie Photo: ITV news Central

The family and friends of Jessica Evans are holding a cervical cancer awareness night this Saturday in her memory.

Jessica died earlier this year aged 22 after she was refused a smear test nine times by doctors because she was under 25.

The NHS say screening women under 25 would do more harm than good as tests can produce inaccurate readings leading to unnecessary and harmful investigations and treatment.

Jessica left a young son Riley who is now being brought up by his Dad Jamie Credit: ITV news Central

Jessica's mum Marie Evans has now started a petition asking for women under 25 who go to their doctor with the classic symptoms to be given the choice to have a smear if they want to.

She will be telling people who attend the event what happened to her daughter.

Jessie's last words to me were that she wanted me to make a change. She didn't want anyone else to suffer like she did.

– Marie Evans, Jess's mum
Jessica Evans shortly before she died Credit: Marie Evans

Sam Chatwin, one of the organisers of the event said many of Jess's family and friends felt there was a real need for better awareness about the illness.

We want to do the awareness night to let people know of the symptoms of cervical cancer as we don't think there is enough information out there.

– Sam Chatwin, event organiser

There will be drinks and nibbles for those who attend and a balloon release in memory of Jess and others who have died of the disease.

It is strictly for over sixteens and no children are allowed.

The event at Sandwell Christian Centre in Langley Crescent, Oldbury will run from 4.30pm until 7.30pm.