Thousands back knighthood bid for Ozzy Osbourne

14,000 people have signed online petition for Ozzy Osbourne knighthood Credit: PA

Nearly fourteen thousand people have added their names to an online petition calling for Birmingham's 'Dark Knight of Rock' to be given a knighthood.

The campaign to get the Black Sabbath frontman bestowed the honour was started by Australian superfan Helen Maidiotis.

Helen’s mission statement says:

“I am petitioning for Ozzy Osbourne, frontman for Black Sabbath, to receive a knighthood after over 40 years of service to the music industry. “Birmingham born John Michael Osbourne, has been entertaining and inspiring a great many throughout his life. He has been a huge success worldwide with many successful albums, with both Black Sabbath as well as in his solo career. “Now in his mid 60s, I believe the time has come for him to receive a Knighthood. Please consider Mr Osbourne for this honour as it is well deserved and long overdue.”

The 46-year-old heavy metal fanatic’s Facebook page, entitled ‘The Knighthood of Ozz’, has even been backed by the star’s daughter Kelly who tweeted:

“This really needs to happen.”

Kelly Osbourne has backed the campaign to get her father knighted Credit: PA

Helen began her campaign to make Aston-born Ozzy a knight a year ago after being told her plan to secure similar honours for the entire line-up, which also includes Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, was unlikely to succeed.

She said:

"The response has been phenomenal. I had to keep setting a new target as it was skyrocketing at an incredible rate. “We are now at 13,793 signatures. A far cry from the previous amount we had. “We’ve been lucky enough to have Bernie Torme (former Ozzy guitarist) write the first letter which has already been posted to the UK Cabinet. “Bernie has been gracious enough to set aside some time to help me with this letter as he, too, fully supports the cause and wants to see his old friend become ‘Sir Ozzy’.”

65-year-old Ozzy Osbourne is originally from Aston in Birmingham Credit: Will Sadler/EMPICS Entertainment

Helen is using the hashtag #KNIGHTOZZYOSBOURNE on social media in a bid to spread the word.

Meanwhile, Ozzy, 65, is riding high after the band’s comeback album ‘13’ soared to the top of the charts.