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Mother with cervical cancer urges women not to put off getting a smear test

Laura Clifton with her sons, aged 6 and 9. Photo: ITV News Central

A mother with cervical cancer, who put off having a routine smear test for nine years, is urging other women not to make the same mistake.

Laura Clifton from Birmingham received two letters inviting her for a smear but did not attend because she was busy with her children.

Laura is urging women not to put off getting tested Credit: ITV News Central

When she finally did go to the GP it was discovered something was seriously wrong. She was diagnosed with cancer and told it was so far advanced it was almost impossible to cure.

Now Laura wants to emphasise the importance of women taking advantage of checks and that making time to go for a smear test could save your life.

Around two years ago, Laura found out she had cervical cancer. Decisions to not go for smear tests mean she missed the chance of an early diagnosis.

Laura has gone through various chemotherapy treatments but her cancer is incurable - the treatments are to help ease any pain, and give her as long as possible with her family.

Marie Evans is campaigning to get under 25s tested Credit: ITV News Central

Laura has been working with Marie Evans from Oldbury - the mother of Jess Evans who died aged 22 from cervical cancer, after being denied a smear test. Marie is campaigning for women under 25 to be allowed to be tested.

Jess Evans died aged 22 from cervical cancer Credit: ITV News Central

Laura on the other hand wants other women who may be putting off those tests to make sure they go, to give doctors the best chance of catching cancer early, and to have a future which cancer has taken away from her.

Laura's message comes during Cervical Screening Awareness Week, which is being promoted by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.

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