Possibly prescient penguins predict World Cup winners

Alf, Lolly, Ginny and Pablo have been give the task by bosses at Birmingham's Sea Life Centre. Credit: BPM Media

A team of gentoo penguins have been given the task of predicting the outcomes of matches at the World Cup.

Bosses at Birmingham's Sea Life Centre are hoping Alf, Lolly, Ginny and Pablo can emulate the success of Paul the psychic Octopus in 2010.

The mollusc correctly guessed the outcome of seven Germany matches during the 2010 tournament.

England v Italy: Alf 'thinks' it will be a draw, while Pablo 'believes' Italy will win Credit: BPM Media

In this case, the penguins jump onto a rock to signify what they think the result will be.

Alf, Lolly and Ginny seem to think hosts Brazil will win tomorrow's first match against Croatia.

Meanwhile Alf apparently believes England will draw with Italy.

Pablo was seemingly less patriotic, jumping instead on Italy's rock.

“Our gentoos are really enthusiastic and love playing new games so have quickly got into the spirit of choosing the winning flags. “Alf, one of the oldest penguins and the self-appointed head of the colony, has been leading the predictions, with a little help from his long-term partner, Lolly, and his new girlfriend, Ginny.”