Gurkiren Kaur was a schoolgirl enjoying a holiday in India with her family when she fell ill. She went to a clinic in Khanna in the Punjab, where she was told she had a virus and placed on a drip.

Her mother Amrit says it was then that a clinic assistant gave her a mystery injection. She died soon afterwards.

When Gurkiren's body arrived back in the UK shortly after, her family found out all her organs had been removed. It took a six-month campaign to get them returned. But because of the state of them, the coroner at an inquest in Birmingham hasn't been able to tell Amrit Kaur how her daughter died.

The organs had been embalmed despite letters sent to Indian authorities demanding they were not. Amrit Kaur says that shows a cover up. She says she now wants to work with other families like Scarlett Keeling's, who was found dead on a beach in Goa in 2008. She'd been drugged and raped.

The coroner has told Gurkiren's family that the case can be re-opened if they find more evidence.

"Up till now no closure has come to any of these cases. These familes are still in the same traumatised field that I'm in at the moment. So I shall liaise with these families and hopefully we should lobby and see what our MP can do for our British nationals."

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