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Police and comedian join forces to make extremism awareness video

A still taken from Humza Arshad's extremism awareness video Photo: YouTube/DOABM

Police have joined forces with an online comedian to promote awareness about extremist messages.

Rising YouTube star Humza Arshad has made a video to help promote awareness about views expressed in social groups and online.

The East Midlands Special Operations Unit asked Arshad to create the video, and they have been showing it to Year 9 students at a college in Leicester today.

Police have been showing the video to children Credit: East Midlands Special Operations Unit

Humza Arshad's 'Diary of a Badman' series has already developed a huge following, with more than 40million hits on YouTube. The 'Badman' character routinely takes a comic look at a range of issues affecting young people, particularly young British Muslims.

To view the full video, titled 'Think for Yourself', click here