£200 million to the economy - Stoke's claim for HS2

The bid for a HS2 station in stoke Credit: Stoke on Trent City Council

Leaders in Stoke on Trent have made their case for a station in the city by appealing the country's pocket. They say an extra £200 million pounds will be generated for the UK's economy by having the station there not in nearby Crewe.

The Stoke team say their solution is superior because while Crewe proposes a parkway station, Stoke's would be in the heart of an urban area of over 470,000 people - around seven times the size of Crewe - and fully integrated into a new business district.

The council have released a video detailing their bid.

Stoke on Trent City Council video detailing why they think Stoke should have an HS2 stationj