Rescued Doberman has massive 14-puppy litter

Ella's pups Credit: Yappy Ever After

A Doberman at a rescue centre in the East Midlands has given birth to a huge litter of 14 puppies.

Ella was bought by the Yappy Ever After Dog Rescue centre after being advertised on a selling site, with the pitch saying she was possibly pregnant.

The centre was able to buy the dog after the community of Doberman enthusiasts got together and sent them the money, as it was thought the puppies may be at risk of simply being sold for profit.

All 14 of Ella's litter survived Credit: Yappy Ever After

A vet confirmed that Ella was pregnant, and thought she would have 5 or 6 puppies, due on 22 December.

Ella with her pups Credit: Yappy Ever After

But on Saturday, the dog gave birth to 14 - all of which survived.

Staff at the centre say they're extremely proud of Ella, and all her pups will be neutered, and adopted out to loving homes.