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Man who parked in disabled bay in stand-off with council

Matthew Sanders is in a stand-off with council Photo: BPM

A driver who parked in a disabled bay is in a stand-off with Birmingham City Council – after jumping back into his car to stop it being towed away.

Double glazing salesman Matthew Sanders, 34, is still inside his Vauxhall Tigra, which is now on the back of a low loader in Birmingham city centre.

Police at the scene in Bennetts Hill have so far failed to persuade Mr Sanders, from Macclesfield in Cheshire, to leave the V-registration car, despite a four-hour stand-off.

Matthew Sanders says he can't afford to get his car released Credit: BPM

The drama began when he was given a ticket for parking in a disabled bay.

He said he was then angered when wardens tried to tow the car, which he said was not causing an obstruction.

I’ll be here all day. They have targets. This is private corporations ripping people off at Christmas.

This is my only form of transport and need it for work and I’ve got to pick my daughter up from her mum’s.

The council is short of cash and is trying to load my car up to cost me more money.

I can’t afford to get it released so if they try to get me out I’ll just write it off.

– Matthew Sanders
Mr Sanders' car has been towed away with him in it Credit: BPM

Parking wardens were speaking to their bosses in a bid to end the dispute. Mr Sanders claimed one had threatened to smash his windows. He has now been there for more than six hours.

This driver parked illegally in a disabled bay without a blue badge.

Disabled motorists have a right to park in designated spaces and this driver's actions have taken a much-needed space out of action for disabled visitors to the city for an entire morning and wasted the time of officers and contractors.

The police are in attendance and we hope this is resolved as soon as possible in order to keep the city moving on one of the busiest days of the year.

– Spokesman, Birmingham City Council