Former Leicester City Council HQ to be demolished

The former Leicester City Council headquarters will be demolished next month Credit: ITV News Central

The former headquarters of Leicester City Council at New Walk Centre are to be demolished next month, it has been announced.

The two blocks will be brought down on 22 February in a carefully-controlled explosion.

An exclusion area will be in place around the site to meet safety requirements and perimeter fencing will be in place to ensure that debris and dust are largely contained within the demolition site.

The whole operation will be monitored closely by the Health and Safety Executive, which is responsible for overseeing the process and ensuring it meets stringent safety conditions.

City council officers and its contractors are in contact with residents and businesses in the area, giving them details of the plans for the day and arrangements for offering them alternative accommodation during the demolition event.

An intensive clean-up operation will take place immediately after the buildings are brought down.

Streets, bus routes and businesses in the immediate area should re-open by early afternoon.

An exclusion zone will be in place around the site Credit: ITV News Central

As a part of the agreement with the future development partner the site will be cleared and ready for the development scheme.

The New Walk Centre plot is a prime city centre development site easily accessible from Leicester Station, New Walk and the heart of the city’s shopping area.