Coventry man caught up in Disneyland Paris security scare

Disneyland Paris Credit: PA

A man from Coventry was caught up in a security scare at Disneyland Paris this morning, as armed police moved in with guests instructed to remain in their rooms.

The scare came as the French capital remains on high alert, after three days of terror which left 17 people dead.

Paddy Hyslop tweeted the developments from his hotel room at the theme park.

Mr Hyslop told ITV News: "We were in our room and tried to leave the building but a member of hotel staff would not let us leave and asked us to stay in our rooms.

"From the window we could see armed police and men in full riot gear", he added.

It is not clear what caused the security alert, with some rumours on Twitter that police were hunting a reported gunman in one of the hotels.

However it later emerged that the security scare was a false alarm.