By Mark Gough - Business Correspondent

Unite the union has confirmed that 205 people are being made redundant at Cadbury in Birmingham.

It's part of a deal which brings £75 million investment to the factory.

Some of the production lines are 30 years old and the factory was one of the least efficient in the Mondelez stable.

It was competing against plants in Germany, Bratislava and Poland to produce chocolate for Mondelez - formed when Cadbury was bought by Kraft.

The Bournville plant will become 4th or 5th most efficient, as opposed to 11th or 12 where it is now, according to Joe Clarke from Unite.

All the redundancies are voluntary and people are receiving, on average, £100,000 to go. Those who remain have agreed to more flexible working and retraining.

The deal secures the future of the factory for many years to come. More than 2,000 people work there.

As well as producing Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Roses and Whispa, the factory will be making some Milka chocolate and Toblerone miniatures.

A spokesman for Mondelez said:

"We are pleased that the consultation with colleagues and their representatives is progressing in a positive and constructive manner. From the outset, we have been clear that, to secure the £75 million investment and therefore the next generation of manufacturing here, Bournville will need to become cost competitive.

Mondelez spokesman