Blast sends manhole covers flying out of the ground

A small child had a lucky escape when an explosion ripped a pair of metal manhole covers out of the road and sent them flying into the air.

The video shows the toddler ambling down Warwick Road in Acocks Green, Birmingham, behind two adults, when the manhole cover springs out of the ground, leaving the grown-ups rushing to help.

The fire service were called to the scene at 12:21pm today, when a 999 caller reported hearing an explosion.

They say the blast was probably caused by a fused mains electrical junction box underground. Apparently, the machine had been smoking beforehand. The explosion has left a hole measuring 1 metre by 1.5 metres, and a metre deep.

The fire service were provided with CCTV footage of the moment the manhole erupted by a shopkeeper at Divine Collections.