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Hundreds gather to stop cancer patient being evicted from home

Protestors outside Tom Crawford's home this morning Credit: Rajiv Popat / ITV News

More than 300 people have gathered on a quiet street in Nottingham to help stop a cancer patient being evicted from his home.

Tom Crawford has been embroiled in a lengthy battle with Bradford & Bingley bank over his mortgage.

Tom Crawford has lived in his home for 25 years Credit: FacebookPage/Evictionthefraudofthebank

The 63-year-old, who has lived in the house for 25 years, says he has been told he still owes more than £43,000 - but claims he doesn't owe a penny.

Tom Crawford has had plenty of support from locals Credit: Rajiv Popat / ITV News

This is the second time he's defending his home from the bailiffs.

In July last year, more than 200 strangers travelled from across the country to help stop him being kicked out of his home when he was served with an eviction notice.

Hundreds of strangers gathered outside Tom Crawford's home last year Credit: FacebookPage/Evictionthefraudofthebank

In a statement, UKAR, who manage mortgage lenders of Bradford & Bingley, said: "Repossession is always viewed as a last resort and follows a series of forbearance options, with the aim of finding a solution that takes account of the customer's specific circumstances. Regrettably, in this instance, we have been unable to find a solution.

"Bradford & Bingley has followed proper legal procedures and is now legally entitled to take possession of this property following the ruling by the Court and the Judge.

"We have a valid possession order that is enforceable."