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Stunning video shows a diamond travel from Derbyshire to the edge of space

The diamond reached an altitude of 30,000 metres, enough to see the curvature of the earth Photo: 77 Diamonds

This amazing video shows the curvature of the earth - and a diamond worth £12,000 - at 30,000 metres into the atmosphere.

The 1.14 carat diamond was securely attached to a helium balloon in August last year and released in Derbyshire, travelling to the edge of space before the balloon popped, sending the diamond crashing back down to earth.

The stunt, by online diamond retailer 77 Diamonds, promised that whoever found the gem could keep it.

As the diamond fell to earth, the GPS signal was lost - with nobody on the ground spotting where it landed.

Hundreds of people descended on the Lincolnshire area to search for the diamond, but it wasn't until recently that 75-year-old Allen Bell was out walking his dogs and spotted the package containing the diamond.

The video camera attached to the balloon was repaired and footage of its journey was recovered.

Allen, a retired lorry driver, who is married to Pat and celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary just before finding the diamond.

"I was walking Rosie and Dylan along a country path and nosey Rosie suddenly darted under a hedge and got a hold of something big.

"She took about 10 minutes dragging it out from under the hedge and I saw that it was covered in mud and leaves.

"I didn't fancy carrying it for the rest of the walk, so decided to leave it until we walked back along the road on our way home."

– Allen Bell

It wasn't until about 30 minutes later that it hit Allen that it could be diamond everyone was searching for and he dashed back to the hedge to retrieve the package.