Robber jailed after taking photos of his stolen cash

Police found a photograph of cash lining the stairs in Jordan McDonald's home. Credit: BPM Media

A robber from Birmingham who took a picture of his stairs carpeted with all the cash he had stolen has been jailed for eight years.

Jordan McDonald was caught after he left his travel pass in a car he had stolen.

The 23-year-old, from Aston, used the car as a getaway vehicle after he and three accomplices robbed a man who had collected the wages for his colleagues from a bank in Handsworth Wood.

The gang of four men, including McDonald, were in a Toyota Corolla when they pulled up alongside the 26-year-old victim, from Smethwick, in The Spinney.

The gang had earlier spotted him withdrawing £23,000 in £50 notes from a bank, and lay in wait for him.

McDonald denied the offence and stood trial at Birmingham Crown Court, where the jury heard a search of McDonald’s girlfriend’s house revealed £5,800 in sequential £50 bank notes.

He tried to pass it off as cash received from the sale of a car, even producing a receipt, but police were amazed to find a photograph taken on his mobile phone, showing all the cash lined up on a stairway.

The jury found him guilty of robbery