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If you go down to the woods today you may be in for a BIG surprise

Investigators were alerted to the alleged sighting by a dog walker. Photo: BPM Images

Investigators have been alerted to an alleged sighting of a Bigfoot creature in Staffordshire woodland.

Dave Youell claims he came across a half-man, half-ape type beast in Hopwas Woods, Tamworth whilst out walking his dogs.

Dave said he was alerted to the creature when both his dogs started barking loudly.

For the life of me, I’m not sure what it was, but it was big and had dark, shaggy hair. It was upright, but its back was bent over. Whatever it was, it certainly made me jump.

– Dave Youell

But this is not the first 'close encounter' reported in Staffordshire as previous sightings have been made in Cannock Chase Forest.

In December, Bigfoot style prints were also discovered in Lincolnshire.

Not the first 'close encounter' reported in Staffordshire. Credit: BPM Images

Adam Bird, co-founder of British Bigfoot Research, says he has no doubt that this creature exists and is present in some of the UK’s more remote areas.

According to eye-witness reports, Bigfoot is generally described as an ape-like creature, similar to a Neanderthal and around 5ft to 8ft tall.

These creatures are seen all over the UK, and the phenomenon spreads from Scotland right down to southern England.

These people are clearly seeing something and that something cannot be passed off as simply hoaxes or known animals.

– Adam Bird, co-founder of British Bigfoot Research