6,000 white roses created for Richard III reburial

Students have been hard at work at Bosworth Academy in Leicestershire. Credit: ITV News Central

Students at Bosworth Academy have just finished making almost 6,000 white roses out of plastic bottles to commemorate the reburial of King Richard the Third.

Alongside Desford residents in Leicestershire, they have managed to design 5,962 roses out of plastic and the bottom of fizzy drinks bottles.

A cascade of white roses will be put together to represent the number of people reported missing in Leicestershire each year.

Over the next 2 weeks, the roses will be put together and eventually displayed next month outside the school, along the route of Richard the Third's reburial procession.

The school have reached their target number but are encouraging anyone from the local community to make more if they would like to contribute.

The installation was inspired by the Tower of London poppies. Credit: ITV News Central