Postman finds athlete's stolen gold medal in postbox

Kelly Sotherton Credit: BPM Media

Birmingham athlete Kelly Sotherton has had her stolen gold medal returned to her- less than 24 hours after the case featured on a televised appeal.

Thieves broke into Kelly’s Sutton Coldfield home overnight between 17-18 February as she slept upstairs and swiped the heptathlete’s Melbourne 2006 gold and other awards, including nine ‘AAA’ British medals.

The case appeared on BBC’s Crimewatch on Monday night with the 38-year-old making a personal appeal for their return.

Yesterday a Royal Mail postman found the Commonwealth gold on his rounds while emptying a pillar box at the junction of Springfield Road and Fowler Road in Sutton Coldfield.

A gold English Schools ‘AA’ medal was also recovered.

Athlete Kelly Sotherton has her gold medal stolen