Solihull Mayor honoured by arts group for International Women's Day

Cllr Ward presented with the award by Dhiren Katwa Credit: Shruthi UK

A South Asian arts organisation has honoured the Mayor of Solihull as part of International Women's Day.

Shruthi honoured Cllr Kate Wild at the Birmingham Thyagaraja Festival. The organisation said she was honoured for her contribution to empowering women of all cultures and encouraging them to pursue their passions and interests.

Participants from Shruthi UK, a Midlands-based south Asian arts forum, at its annual music festival yesterday. Credit: Shruthi UK

Cllr Wild said she was "thrilled and humbled" to receive the award, and attributed it to every woman in Solihull.

Participants and dignitaries on stage at the music festival Credit: Shruthi UK

The Thyagaraja Festival itself saw aspiring singers, musicians and dancers bring to life the songs, rhythms and teachings of Thyagaraja, one of India's legendary composers of Indian and Carnatic classical music.

It was organised by Shruthi UK, and took place at the Shirley Centre in Solihull.