The miracle triplets who were born two years apart

The Preston family Credit: BPM Media

They are the miracle triplets – born two years apart.

Ethan, Isabel and Arthur Preston were all conceived at the same time.

But Isabel and Arthur were born in December – two years and five days after Ethan.

Parents Katie and Matthew are looking forward to celebrating their first Mother’s Day with the trio on Sunday.

All three siblings were conceived while the couple, from Castle Vale in Birmingham, underwent IVF treatment at Midland Fertility.

“They are our three little miracles.

Katie Preston

Katie and Matthew, both 28, tried for a family for five years before discovering they only had a one per cent chance of conceiving as Matthew has a low sperm count.

Katie, Isabel and Arthur Credit: BPM Media

“I would see a woman with a pram in the street and would go home and cry. “Many of my family and friends were having families, and we just thought it would never happen for us.

Katie Preston

The pair were referred to Midland Fertility for treatment with NHS funding in 2011.

They underwent the ICSI procedure, also known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection, where a single sperm is injected directly into an egg to help fertilisation.

The Prestons Credit: BPM Media

“We gave everything to it – it was our whole focus.

Katie Preston

Six embryos were created in the IVF process, and one was transferred into Katie’s uterus.

The couple then faced an agonising two-week wait before they could carry out a pregnancy test.

“I did a test secretly, and slightly early, which was negative so I really didn’t think the treatment had worked.

Katie Preston
Ethan, Isabel and Arthur Preston Credit: BPM Media

After a complicated pregnancy Ethan arrived just before Christmas in 2012.

But it wasn’t until Ethan was a few weeks old that Katie felt like a mum.

“People talk about that ‘magical moment’ holding your baby for the first time. I thought I was odd because I didn’t feel it. I just didn’t believe he was mine.

Katie Preston

Katie and Matthew then had to decide what to do with their remaining frozen embryos.

“We just couldn’t discard them after the effort and dedication that went into creating them, so we decided to use them."

Matthew Preston
The Prestons Credit: BPM Media

All embryos survived the thaw and the two very best were once more transferred to Katie.

“To our surprise at our first pregnancy scan, we saw not one, but two little heartbeats! “We think of our three children both as twins and a big brother, and as triplets.

Katie Preston

“Katie and Matthew had one funded treatment cycle, two pregnancies and three babies.

Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility