Dudley North Tory candidate suspended for 'scheming' with EDL to win votes

Dudley North Tory candidate Afzal Amin suspended for 'scheming' with EDL Credit: ITV News Central

The Conservative candidate for key Midlands marginal seat Dudley North has been suspended, after allegedly meeting with the far-right group the English Defence League (EDL), to scheme on how to win votes by stirring up racial tension in the constituency.

Afzal Amin is accused of planning to use an inflammatory march against a new 'mega-mosque' in the seat to help his election campaign.

According to The Mail on Sunday, covert filming shows Mr Amin meeting the far-right group at a restaurant in Birmingham after the EDL protested in Dudley on February 7th.

It's alleged Mr Amin suggested the far-right group organise another protest, which would then be scrapped, with Mr Amin taking the credit for defusing the situation.

In return he allegedly promised that he would be an "unshakeable ally" for the EDL in parliament and help bring their views to the mainstream.

When The Mail on Sunday, confronted Amin in Dudley yesterday, he reportedly described the allegations as "completely untrue" and said that a second march "was suggested and we rejected it, and we even informed the police about it."

A Conservative Party spokesman confirmed that Amin - who was apparently filmed covertly talking about the deal - had been suspended.

A full disciplinary hearing is expected to be held on Tuesday, when Amin will be able to explain his actions and a decision on his future will be taken.

Prime Minister David Cameron is understood to have been informed of the situation and approves of the way it is being handled.