Why the economy is a key election issue in the Midlands

The economy is one of the key election issues. Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Today, the Office for National Statistics says the country's economy grew more strongly than previously thought in 2014. So, is David Cameron's famous "long term economic plan" working? Or has the Midlands been passed by? Do you feel better off?

Mark Gough reports on why the economy is a key election issue for people living and working in the Midlands.

Here's the pitch from the major political parties on the election:

What needs to be done for people in the Midlands to be better off in the future? Our presenter, Bob Warman, was joined in our special Central Issue debate by:

  • Professor Abhinay Muthoo, Head of Economics from the University of Warwick

  • Adrian Maxwell, Managing Director of a company which makes espresso machines in Birmingham

  • Anne Danks, Regional Manager of the Trussell Trust which runs some Food Banks across the Midlands

  • Yvonne Gorman, a businesswoman from Derby who has founded a printing business.