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Who's standing in Wolverhampton South West & how close is it?

Wolverhampton South West Photo: ITV News Central


Conservative Paul Uppal is standing again and facing candidates including the former Labour MP Rob Marris who held the seat from 2001-2010.

It's a mixed demographic - with Labour support concentrated in the city centre and Conservative support in leafy suburbs. It's ethnically diverse, with one of the highest Sikh populations in the country.

2010 election

votes won it for the Conservatives in 2010.
Credit: ITV News Central
  • Conservative: 16344 (40.7%)
  • Labour: 15653 (38.98%)
  • Liberal Democrat: 6430 (16.01%)
  • UKIP: 1487 (3.7%)
  • Others: 246 (0.61%)

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