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General election results predicted by Birmingham penguins

The penguins have been predicting the results of the election. Credit: National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Experts have called the upcoming general election one of the most uncertain in modern times - with many saying you would be daft for making a prediction.

They obviously haven't seen the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham's Gentoo penguins in action. The birds are renowned for their psychic abilities after their correct predictions for the 2014 World Cup.

They have taken time out of their busy schedule of fishing and swimming to tell us who will be running the country come 7 May - the Green Party.

We gave them a choice of five buckets, each one representing a different political party.

After much deliberation and a lot of loud trumpeting, their inquisitive beaks confidently peaked in the Green Party bucket!

– Steven Gyte, Aquarist and Penguin Keeper