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Asparagus Festival marks St George's Day celebrations

Asparagus season starts today, and people in Leicester are celebrating with a festival that also marks St George's day.

The festival has now been going for eight years Credit: ITV Central

The Asparagus Festival is in its 8th year, but this year it is being celebrated in the Vale of Evesham instead of in Leicester.

Morris dancers, musicians and theatre performances will all be part of the celebrations in Leicester Market, with a guest appearance from the renowned 'Asparagus Gus'.

Asparagus Gus has been at every Asparagus Festival since its dawn in 2008 Credit: ITV Central

Organiser of the festival want people to eat more asparagus, and will be holding cooking demonstrations to show off the culinary power of the humble asparagus.

According to asparagus aficionados, British asparagus is the best in the world Credit: ITV Central

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