Demand soars for Nottingham company's royal baby shawls

The shawl priced at £68 has attracted buyers from the United States, Australia and Japan. Credit: PA

A family firm from Nottingham has said items on their website will need to be pre-ordered following demand for the white woollen shawl which gained global attention as the new royal baby was presented to the world over the weekend.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge debuted their baby daughter just hours after her birth wrapped up in a white pure wool shawl, made by GH Hurt & Son Ltd.

The same shawl, priced at £68 was also used to wrap up a tiny Prince George as the boy who is third in line to the throne was paraded in front of the cameras after his birth in 2013.

The same shawl was used to wrap up Prince George after his birth in 2013. Credit: PA

In fact, the family business has established a tradition with the Royals. stretching back over six decades.

A shawl from GH GH Hurt & Son was even used for the birth of Prince William in 1982 and even Prince Charles in 1948.