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Magic moments from the Midlands General Election campaign

David Cameron in oversized red rubber gloves Photo: ITV News Central

The election campaign trail always throws up some rather cringe-making photo calls, as politicians mingle with the masses, and turn their hand to anything from cooking to First Aid in an effort to appear approachable and up for anything. Combined with a lack of sleep, there are always going to be some disasters.

David Cameron forgets he supports Aston Villa Top of the election faux-pas, David Cameron urges those listening to his speech to support West Ham. Appearing to temporarily forget he has always claimed to support Aston Villa. Listen out for that awkward cough as realisation dawns.

Nick Clegg gets to grips with the key election issues Whilst on a visit to Solihull, the Deputy Prime Minister got stuck into the real issues of this election...debating the number of hedgehogs in a hedgehog house with a group of small children...

David Cameron gives us a creepy wave As the Prime Minister toured a brewery in Wolverhampton he was supplied with some oversized red rubber gloves. Which he took great pleasure in showing off.

George Osborne gets his fingers burned As George Osborne toured the West Midlands promising new jobs for the region, he popped into a local curry house and had a go at preparing up some deep fried treats. It looks like he decided to stick with the day job.

Nick Clegg 'takes the political pulse' Nick Clegg took the pulse of a dummy at a medical college in Solihull. But will this prove an ill-fated stunt by the end of the night - if his party turns out not to have one...?