Top 10: election trivia to help you stay awake

Election 2010 trivia Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images
  • In 2010 650 MPs were elected; 306 Conservative, 258 Labour and 57 Liberal Democrats.

  • North Warwickshire has the smallest majority in the Midlands - just 54 votes in it.

  • The youngest candidate in 2010 was Luke Wilkinson, an Independent candidate for Erewash. He was 18 years and 36 days old on election day.

  • The smallest General Election majority ever was two votes, achieved by A. J. Flint in Ilkeston North in 1931.

  • Turnout at the election in 2010 was 3.7% higher than in 2005 at 65.1%.

  • It was the first time no party had gained overall majority since February 1974.

  • 117 seats in total changed hands last time round.

  • The highest number of recounts at a General Election is seven - it's happened twice including in Peterborough in 1966 where Sir Harmer Nicholls was returned with a majority of three votes.

  • The record for the longest count is held by Derbyshire North East - at the 1922 election the count took 18 and a quarter hours.

  • The first three Muslim female MPs were elected in 2010, including Shabana Mahmood in Birmingham, Ladywood.