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Meet the 79-year-old Her Majesty The Queen lookalike

Patricia Ford - Her Majesty The Queen lookalike Photo: Caters News Agency

Meet Patricia Ford.

The 79-year-old from Tamworth in Staffordshire is an exam invigilator, but also a lookalike to Her Majesty The Queen.

She often gets stopped in the street by people who are stunned by the resemblance, and has spent the last 11 years touring the world after being snapped up by a lookalike agency.

Can you see the resemblance? Credit: Caters News Agency

I do often get mistaken for her majesty, even when I don’t intend to be.

When I’m walking up and down exam halls invigilating, the children do sometimes have to look twice. Hopefully I don’t distract them too much!

I do get the odd person come up to me in the supermarket or in the street as well but it’s all fun, everyone seems to love the Queen so it’s never too bad.

– Patricia Ford
Patricia Ford Credit: Caters News Agency