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Redundancy for staff at popular visitor attractions

Despite efforts to minimise job reductions, every member of staff at four of Coventry’s most popular visitor attractions has been offered voluntary redundancy.

Crowds at the Coventry Transport Museum Credit: ITV News Central

Culture Coventry, the charitable trust which runs Coventry Transport Museum, Herbert Art Gallery, Lunt Roman Fort and Priory Visitor Centre, has made the offer to all 87 staff after reducing it's budget by £100,000.

Many workers face a £3,000 a year loss. This is yet another example of people who have absolutely no responsibility for the recession and economic crisis being asked to pay for it.

Most staff are so frightened of losing their jobs, and being unable to pay their mortgage, that they are keeping their heads down and taking it.”

– Dave Nellist, TUSC

Employees were given until May 5 to accept the new terms or leave , but nobody has left as a result of the changes, despite many facing a £3,000 a year loss.

The organisation has not ruled out further job losses on top of those who leave voluntarily.

It has also opted to amend the contracts of all employees to scrap ‘flexitime’ and remove extra pay for weekend shifts, which the chief executive of the charity said was 'unfortunate' but necessary. He also said staff would still be able to request flexible working if they had a genuine need.

From the outset, we have sought to minimise job reductions but the only way we could achieve this was by changing some terms and conditions.

In today’s society there are many jobs that require weekend working as part of a person’s normal shift pattern and no additional payment is made for the weekend days that are worked.

By aligning ourselves to the market place and other similar organisations locally, and by making this change we will reduce our costs. If we did not introduce this change, there would be significantly more job losses.

These changes will not generate sufficient savings so there will be a small number of job losses. Voluntary redundancy has been offered to all staff and some people have come forward so we are currently assessing those requests against the future skills needs of the organisation."

– Gary Hall, chief executive of Culture Coventry