Man sends lookalike to paternity test to avoid paying child maintenance

Thomas Kenny sent a lookalike to take paternity DNA test to avoid paying child maintenance. Credit: BPM Media

A father has caused an enormous amount of distress by sending a lookalike to take a paternity DNA test so he could avoid paying child maintenance.

‘Highly manipulative’ Thomas Kenny was already in a relationship when he had a fling with another woman, who became pregnant, Birmingham Crown Court was told.

She refused to have an abortion and the court was told Kenny decided to do everything he could to avoid paying up. When the time came to take a DNA test ordered by the Child Support Agency, he tried to dodge his responsibility.

Kenny was convicted of fraud after the mother of Kenny’s first two children was also subjected to a DNA test, but he avoided an immediate jail term.

The court heard that Kenny already had one child with his long-term partner, and she was pregnant with his second when he had the affair.

Kenny put pressure on the second woman to get rid of the unborn child.

He said he could not determine whether it had been the defendant’s idea or the person who had been sent, possibly a work colleague, who would have had a physical similarity.

The fraud came to light when Kenny was arrested in June last year, but even then he continued to deny being the father.

The judge continued: “The effect of what you did was to seek to avoid payments to the child that was genuinely yours.

“You are plainly the author of your own misfortunes."

Kenny, 25, of Stroud Road, Shirley, who had previously admitted conspiracy to defraud, was sentenced to six months suspended for 12 months. .