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Memorial to take place to raise funds for little girl after her mother suddenly died

Doctors believe that Claire would have died instantly Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Claire Warren died from an aneurysm in April this year, aged just 35-years.

A memorial event in memory of the much-missed Nuneaton mother has been organised and is taking place to help raise funds to ensure her young daughter has a bright future.

The event will celebrate the memory of Claire and hopefully provide her five-year-old daughter, Emily, with enough money to forge a happy a successful life.

Tragically, it was Emily who found her mum in the bathroom following the aneurysm and spent the night alone at their home with her, thinking she was just unwell.

Emily went upstairs and discovered her mum on the bathroom floor, and it was not until the next morning when her dad came back to collect her that anyone realised what had happened.

When Emily's dad went to collect her the next morning, Emily came downstairs and told him that mummy was poorly in the bathroom. She spent 14 hours on her own with her."

– Claire Warren's mother, Pauline Barton

Emily is currently living with Pauline and has "had a few bad night asking where mummy is", but has handled the situation incredibly well.