Carers admit abusing pensioner at Birmingham care home

Pensioner Norah Boyle Credit: West Midlands Police

Two carers have admitted their guilt after a pensioner was abused at a Birmingham care home.

Sabrina Duncan and Benter Ouma were both employed at the Green Nursing home in Kings Norton when the incident took place.

The pair were in court on Monday 29 June and admitted to acting in a 'grossly negligent manner' after 85-year-old Norah Boyle suffered a head injury when she fell from a hoist as they were putting her to bed.

The court heard how Duncan and Ouma delayed calling an ambulance to the home after the incident took place on 5 September last year.,

They agreed on a cover story to lie about the nature of the fall, deciding to pretend that Norah knocked her head on the head board.

Norah Boyle aged 65 Credit: West Midlands Police

Norah was taken to hospital the same evening and died 23 days later. She had been a resident at the home since 2006 after suffering a fall three years earlier which resulted in a brain injury.

Over the course of time her mental health deteriorated and Norah needed round the clock care.

This is a tragic case of abuse by two trained members of staff who should have known better.

Detective Sergeant Victoria Lee from the police’s Adults at Risk hub

The pair are due to be sentenced on 7 August.