Police continue River Wye search over Hereford murder

Police are searching for evidence in Hereford Credit: ITV Central

Police have continued to search areas in Hereford today, including the River Wye, in connection with the death of Christian Bagley.

An underwater search team has been searching the river near the Hunderton Bridge, where it's thought the offence took place on Sunday 21st June.

Christian Bagley suffered two fatal stab wounds as he walked home after visiting his daughter on Father's Day. He made his way along Charles Witts Avenue in an attempt to get help before collapsing in Rogers Avenue shortly after 10.50pm.

Christian Bagley Credit: West Mercia Police

Police are looking for a common kitchen knife which they believe was used to injure Christian. The handle could be made of a plastic or wooden material and is thought to be approximately four inches long.

Tributes to Christian have been left at the scene Credit: ITV Central