Palestine solidarity campaigners target Staffordshire based arms factory

Demonstrators protest against Israel's bombing campaign in Gaza outside the Egyptian Embassy in London. Credit: Khader Ibrahim/ABACA/Press Association Images

Officers from Staffordshire Police are currently dealing with protests at two sites in the West Midlands.

Protesters have targeted a Staffordshire based arms factory which they are accusing of making engines for drones exported to Israel.

The Palestine solidarity campaigners are attending the protest for a day of action in a bid to prevent the factory from operating.

They have timed the protests to coincide with the first anniversary of Israel's 2014 attack on Gaza.

The activists are accusing UEV Engines Ltd of complicity in Israel's alleged war crimes in Gaza.

According to the UN, during its attack on Gaza last summer, Israel killed over 2200 Palestinians including more than 500 children.

Over 30 UK organisations and nine international organisations have endorsed the 'Block the Factory' solidarity action which is taking place today.

Local residents visited their house that was shelled by Israel during the Operation Protective Edge by Israel, in the Shejaia neighbourhood, east of Gaza City. Credit: Hjazy Ahmed/ABACA/Press Association Images