Where can you go wildlife spotting in the East Midlands?

Two Glebes at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. Credit: Howard Johnson
  • Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire is a haven for wildlife with over 250 species of birds having been recorded.

  • Lea Meadows in rural Leicestershire hosts pignut flowers with chimney sweeper moths all year round.

  • Duke’s Wood in Nottinghamshire is home to woodland birds such as the spotted flycatcher, woodcock and great spotted woodpecker can be seen as well as butterflies.

  • Prior’s Coppice near Oakham in Rutland has a large amount of nuthatch, blackcap and garden warbler, orange tip, brimstone, purple and white-letter hairstreak butterflies, as well as over 200 species of moth.

  • Whisby Nature Park near Lincoln is known to have nightingales in the spring and a colony of over 7,000 southern marsh orchids, there are also over 15 species of dragonfly and butterflies.

  • Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire is home to natterjack toads in the spring, whilst in the summer you could spot little tern, a rare breeding bird.

  • Rutland Water reservoir attracts more than 20,000 birds in the winter months and Barn owls feed around the meadows and in 2001, Osprey breeding was confirmed.

  • Snipe Dales in Lincolnshire is a good place to see butterflies and dragonflies in the summer.

Ospreys on a nest in Rutland, Leicestershire. Credit: Haydn West / PA Archive/PA Images