£200k payout after man dies from disease caught from hot tub

Richard Griffin Credit: BPM Media

The family of a man from Staffordshire who died after contracting Legionnaires’ disease from an infected hot tub is among those to share in a £200,000 payout after the deadly outbreak.

Richard Griffin, from Clayton, suffered hallucinations, headaches and fever before collapsing at home in July 2012, and later dying in hospital.

The 64-year-old lorry driver had contracted Legionnaires – a serious bacterial lung infection – whilst delivering meat to a café in the JTF Wholesale warehouse in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent.

A hot tub infected with the bug was stored there.

Three people died after the outbreak, and 14 people became ill.

A report by the Health Protection Agency said the warehouse hot tub was the ‘probable source’ of the outbreak, as the spa pool had not been filtered or cleaned for weeks. This caused the water to stagnate, leading to the formation of bacteria and build-up of Legionnaires’ disease droplets.

Inquests into the three deaths are due to be held later this year and the Crown Prosecution Service is considering whether to pursue criminal charges.

JFT Warehouse Ltd declined to comment on the settlement.