Energy company applies to explore fracking potential in Nottinghamshire

IGas Energy has applied for permission to explore fracking potential in North Nottinghamshire Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire/Press Association Images

An energy company has applied for permission to explore the potential for fracking in north Nottinghamshire.

Independent oil and gas company IGas Limited want to drill 12 bore holes on land in Misson, close to the boundary with South Yorkshire.

This followed an application back in May to Nottinghamshire County Council for permission to start exploratory shale gas drilling at the same site.

The boreholes would be used to determine existing groundwater conditions. IGas has stressed that, at this stage, they are not applying to carry out any fracking in the area.

We carry out baseline monitoring at all of our exploration sites to give us information about water, soil and air quality..."

Spokesperson, IGas

The company has also specified that drilling in each of the four locations will take up to two weeks and drilling will only take place between 07:00 and 19:00 hours.

There will be no drilling on weekends or bank holidays - and drilling should go on for no longer than eight weeks in total.

Given the type of drill used we are confident that there will be no impact on local residents, as noise levels will be below nationally agreed thresholds and work will only be carried out during the day."

Spokesperson, IGas