'Life on Marbs' Leicester man living the high life in Marbella

Bally Singh from Leicester stars in ITV's 'Life in Marbs' Credit: ITV/Life in Marbs

Former Leicester resident turned Marbella party organiser Bally Singh will be appearing on ITV's 'Life on Marbs' tonight.

The 39 year old business man, who claims to wash his watches with champagne, says he is friends with the rich and famous, including:

  • David Guetta

  • Pharrell Williams

  • Flo Rida

  • Sting

  • Jamiroquai

  • Danni Minogue

  • SisQó

  • Black Eyed Peas

Speaking from Marbella, he told ITV News Central how his party promoting days began in Leicester, what living in the Spanish city is like and what it means to him to be a Sikh man in a prominent television show.

'Life on Marbs' pictures courtesy of ITV.