63-year-old man fights off masked car jackers

Hector Pinkey took on his would-be attackers Credit: BPM

Masked car jackers were forced to flee after their 63-year-old target fought back before chasing them down the road.

The would-be thieves were unaware that community leader Hector Pinkney is a karate black belt and martial arts expert when they set upon him on Wednesday afternoon.

The youth worker had just finished gardening at Hockley Flyover Adventure Playground and was sitting in his Audi A4 on Claremont Road.

The thieves opened the car door and threw a punch, but Hector easily blocked the blow. Then he chased the startled robbers down the road, where they jumped into a waiting Ford Focus containing two other men.

He tried to jump onto the silver getaway car, but slipped off. He then had to dive out of the way when the vehicle was driven straight at him.

Hector is a martial arts expert Credit: BPM Media

Hector's car has been taken for forensic tests while police investigate the attack.

Howard was awarded with an MBE four years ago after devoting himself to the inner city community, including helping in youth work, organising talent shows, a running club and exercise classes for the elderly. His family had also been involved in community work since arriving in Handsworth from Jamaica in 1962.

His late mother Mavis used to run a youth club from her home in Leonard Road back in the 1960s, and campaigned to help fund the Muhammad Ali Centre.

Hector at the scene of the incident Credit: BPM Media