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Sand sculptures due to be completed in Leicester

Sculptors working on sand sculptures in Leicester are due to complete their work later.

A sculptor working on the artwork Credit: Nicola Wood/KRIII Visitor Centre

The international artists are putting their final touches in place after working on the art pieces for the past week.

The completion of the sculptures coincides the the open workshops at Wygston's House in the city centre, where people can go to find out more about sand-sculpting.

Susan Ruseler from Holland has been working on one of the sculpture elements that go along the Richard III theme. Once the sculptures are finished, the artists will move on to their next projects, but the art will remain in place for another month.

It is always difficult leaving a sculpture behind but the crowds in Leicester have been so positive - it makes it easier. I'm always happy that I'm not around to see them bulldozed down after putting so much hard work into them.

– Susan Ruseler
There are four depictions of different elements on the theme of Richard III Credit: Nicola Wood/KRIII Visitor Centre

The trail of sculptures was created using 80 tonnes of Tarmac sand from Cadeby quarry. It begins at the entrance to the Richard III Visitor Centre, moves into the courtyard, Wygston's House and to a further outside courtyard.