Nottingham Trent University hosts major international FGM conference

The major international conference will take place at Nottingham Trent University Credit: ITV Central

Leading experts will be coming together to discuss how to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM) at a conference in Nottingham Trent University today.

The Ending Female Genital Mutilation Together Conference will bring together prominent local, national and international speakers to look at how to protect vulnerable young women and children at risk of the violent practice.

Health experts, academics and justice specialists are among those invited to discuss how to deal with the issue, which affects millions of young girls worldwide.

The conference is hosted by FGM campaign charity the Mojatu Foundation and has been supported by local and international survivors, with assistance from the Nottingham Community FGM Steering Group.

  • It is estimated that between 100 and 140 million girls and women have experienced FGM while three million young girls are believed to suffer this kind of violence every year.

  • The practice is particularly common in a number of African countries, South East Asia and the Middle East.

  • It is also found in the UK among communities that originate from these parts of the world. However, the true reality of the problem is unknown because few cases are ever reported to police.

  • FGM can cause physical and psychological problems which can last a lifetime, and in some cases can even result in death.

  • Since 1985, it has been unlawful to aid, abet, counsel, procure or carry out the act in the UK or abroad.