Derbyshire scam victims lose more than £1m in the last year

Officers estimate that Derbyshire victims lost more than £1.8m over the past year Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Derbyshire County Council has teamed up with with Age UK Derby and the Citizens Advice Bureau to set up a consumer protection scheme after it's been revealed almost half of the population have been targeted by scams.

'Scam Watch' will offer victims one-to-one support as well as help to raise awareness about phone, mail, online and doorstep scams.

Many scam victims are too embarrassed or frightened to tell anyone about their experience, so the full cost is not known. However, it's estimated that Derbyshire victims have lost more than £1.8m over the past year, according to county council trading standards officers.

Nearly half of the population has been targeted by some form of scam, and roughly half of the victims that have reported it, have suffered ill health and financial loss as a result.

'Scam Watch' will be funded by a £25,000 Derbyshire Crime Commissioner Grant.