Woman amasses huge collection of mannequins

Some of the 20,000 mannequins in the collection Credit: ITV News Central

A woman from Lincolnshire has built up a lucrative business from a mountain of old mannequin body parts. Roz Edwards has collected thousands of tailors' dummies which she restores and rents out to anyone who wants them.

Based in a warehouse on an old farm in Lincolnshire, Mannakin Limited owns 20,000 mannequins.

Old or damaged mannequins are repaired, resprayed and then either sold or hired out. Some have even been rented by television companies, appearing on 'The X Factor', 'Top Gear' and in music videos.

But as owner Roz Edwards explains, the sight of 'Mannequin Mountain' can be a bit of a shock for members of the public.

Manager Andrea Huzzard told ITV News that although it's a profitable, serious business - it can still have its funny moments.