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Five Midlands politicians appointed to new Shadow Cabinet

Tom Watson with Jeremy Corbyn Credit: PA

As the dust settles on a momentous few days in politics, Jeremy Corbyn has announced that key Midlands politicians are to play a role in his new shadow cabinet.

  • Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich East - Deputy Leader of the Party
Tom Watson Credit: PA

The biggest name is the newly elected Deputy Leader of the Party the West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson. He's an experienced hand and has served in previous labour administrations as a minister. He's renowned for his strong campaigning on hacking and child abuse.

  • Lilian Greenwood, MP for Nottingham South MP - Shadow Transport Secretary
Lilian Greenwood Credit: PA

Lilian Greenwood, the Nottingham South MP, stays as the Shadow Transport Secretary. It's an important brief for the Midlands as she will be keeping an eye on the progress of HS2 and the shelved project to electrify the midland mainline.

She's accepted the role even though she was a firm Andy Burnham supporter for leader.

  • Vernon Coaker, MP for Gedling - Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary
Vernon Coaker Credit: PA

Vernon Coaker, the Gedling MP who had backed Yvette Cooper for the top job, is now the Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary. He will be valued for his experience and expertise in high office.

  • Gloria de Piero, MP for Ashfield - Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration
Gloria de Piero Credit: PA

Gloria de Piero, the Ashfield MP and former GMTV correspondent, is given the new role of Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration.

She has long called for politics to reach out to groups who feel disconnected to Westminster village.

  • Jon Ashworth, MP for Leicester South - Shadow Minister without Portfolio
Jon Ashworth Credit: PA

Jon Ashworth, the popular Leicester South MP, gets the job of Shadow Minister without Portfolio. Expect to see him leading moves to widen the reach of the party as it embarks on one of the biggest challenges in its history.

New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn Credit: PA

With the veteran left winger at the helm, the aim now is to send out a message that to be an effective opposition the new shadow cabinet needs to unify.

Equally, however, there are differing views amongst all those beginning their new jobs this week.

Expect a fascinating time ahead.